Affordable Stone Oak San Antonio Apartments

After graduating from college in San Antonio, TX I decided to start the next phase of my life there. I was going to have to find a decent apartment that I could afford on an entry level salary. So I began my search. I wanted to live in the Stone Oak part of town because it was the most appealing to me. I did an internet search for Stone Oak San Antonio apartments. Was I ever surprised at how many there were. Too many to choose from. This was going to take some work on my behalf.

After making a list of apartments I could afford, I hopped in my car and started looking at some of these apartments. Most of the apartment complexes were very appealing from the outside. I ventured into a few of them and liked what I saw, but they were all so similar to each other. Making a perfect choice was going to be difficult. By now, my stomach was growling and it was time to grab a quick bite.

Right around the corner from the last apartment complex was a locally owned pizza joint. I proceeded inside and was delighted that I was able to order pizza by the slice. I ordered two slices and a sweetened iced tea. After taking only one bite of my meal my mind was made up on which apartment I was going to choose. You see, pizza is my absolute favorite food and this was the best pizza I’ve ever had in my lifetime. Living right around the corner from the best pizza joint I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat at was going to be wonderful. I called my mother and told her the good news. Of course, she laughed when she found out what the deciding factor was in which apartment I chose.

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