Making Things Look Nice Makes Me Feel Happy

I didn’t like the bathrooms in our home when we purchased the house. My husband told me that after purchasing it, we could always update the bathrooms at some point. After a few years of living here, I figured exactly the way I wanted both of these rooms to look like, and so I called a company who does custom glass in Somerset County, NJ to give me a quote. The ideas in my head meshed well with what the employee said he could create for each of the rooms, and the price did as well.

I am motivated by the way things look. If I’m unhappy with the way something looks, it drags me down and holds me back. When I love the way my surroundings love, it motivates and energizes me. I wish I could be more like my husband because he doesn’t really care what things look like. As long as something works, he’s happy. I can see so easily how that is a much more simple way to live. He just doesn’t notice his surroundings very much. I don’t have those same blinders on, and I wish that I did. But since I do not, I need to make things look nice, and then everything is okay.

People always say that renovating a bathroom or kitchen takes a long time, so I did mine a little bit at a time. Not only that, but I had the company work on one bathroom, while not touching the other one at the same time. That meant that we could easily use the other one while they worked their magic in renewing the ones that they were working on. There’s no reason that everyone needs to make things bigger than what they need to be. If you want to make a room look beautiful, simply do a little bit of that at a time.

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