My Opinions on Poetry (A Personal Review of Poetry)



Introduction: what does the poesia-poesia do?

comment: perhaps my style



definition of poetry

definition of poetry II (effect)

substance of a poem

the world of art in words

excitation independent

in the form of poetry figurative language

what confessional poetry?

poetry reading understand poets introduction

which makes the poesia-poesia?

search in my mente-ojos, so you can make splendid poetry is: symbolism, irony, likeness, metaphor, arrangement of meter, expression, confession, spontaneity, but at the end of the poem – as at the end of a day – when the reader looks back and all is said and done, you have to ask, “has affected me?” if not – why? A poem should be some kind of chill, if not, some kind of voice to the reader. Again I say to myself, if not, go to the page of the book or the following poem, each poem might not be suitable for you, as all a singer sings the song is not necessarily the song which influences you.

poetry at its most raw and rare form and more perverse, is spontaneity.

maybe my style

comment on poetry

prefer to swell the ranks of the naturalness, spontaneity, free of couplets rhymed, romanticism and passion, leave the Elizabethans. I prefer to spend some of the 11th century, or just before that time, when rhyme was being modernized, but not the whole instead. There, there was a world of nature and mysteries and emotions to be written, said, and stories to be transmitted and stored: address times, cultures and heroes; and by what should I take that period, with my time and mix with fragments and dreams and all those things and that the dead bury to them dead. Allow reproduces artificial half the literature (it will make of all modes) and my class the other half. It can be difficult to live in a world where the critics who write mostly critical, discard, dignity, manners, this is perhaps a strong protest against all those things, but poets must reaffirm their right to represent the world, in a tone clear and genuine, is our duty. We are only passing through, leaving behind what we write (infecting minds, or produce health), always angry citizens will get its full of whatever, but those who do not wish to have his collected pockets, expects us to disseminate literature which is filled with thoughts of those things that I have already mentioned the swimming. And to these readers and the generations by come, write.

free verse: poetry today, often has no voice, theme, or even recognizable form. We call this verse free, that is the way dominant of the Postmodernity; prior to this, we have had of what was called modernism, where we have reviewed what poetry is.

definition of poetry I: every poem is a story, a short story, which involves the density of the language and the intensity of the projection of images, or images (mental images); and descriptive character, metaphors, similes (comparisons).

(definition of poetry II) effect as a poet, need to ask ‘ got the effect I wanted out of my poetry?’ maybe he did, and if so, you are on the right track. I mean never I ask someone this, I hear something to see what they say about my poetry, and then I can answer the question I.

substance of the poem

a poem must have substance to survive…! This substance is on the topic and the understanding of the poem.

– to write a poem, like everything in life, one must have a plan, the destination (where do you want take your reader?), again, this is part of the substance, which will be released later.

– a poem is perhaps the secret life of the poet; It may be his twin black, its independent self – this is often the case. Thus, the poet and the poem become more than one enigma of the despair that a work of art.

the world of art in words

the world of art in words, has a meaning defined for me; It is a romance, produced during the stages of creation. As a book. As I write it, refine it, test it, and then finally victory – a romance of opening and closing has taken place. Idleness never participates, is a horrible sin, an enemy of the soul. Man should not be idle, if so, the ghost does not leave him, not art.

the world of art in words

artist appeared on Earth

from the Sea-

the Sun passed over it,

came out just for a moment

a words.

#1718 05/03/2007

excitation independent

If you are looking for the poet within the poem, look the background that fits, the continuous feeling of touch, should be everywhere, but rarely has anyone looking for it, is called independent excitation; or art poetry. Yeats used it. If you missed the source of beauty and riming precisely in the poem, which sometimes is called ‘duty’, go back and look, if necessary. Not often used as it used to, and for various reasons, do not take pleasure in everyday life.


people form of poetry becomes obsessed with structure, trying to choose the correct shape you want to use in poetry (perhaps trying to learn their style or approach in the process). I prefer to let go and mix an idea or event in the following, to avoid losing the soul of it trying to fit into something that should never have been.

attempt to listen to my voice, speech within me, if I can find the silence, you will find the voice with no pretense and within that voice, are the syllables, letters, words, rhyming, and other elements of poetry may want to use.

would language figurative [](An Example) 19459005: language figurative, meaning of words used for refer is to something that really not wants to tell, is used here for make noises, as are metaphors sometimes

derived of echoes

I would like to show you love in a handful of clouds-

could I find them clouds and find the love

and is the love really is seeks?

Angels fallen from Heaven

love and chose Lust instead of the Earth…!

in the hell one loves the lust and therefore, would be

unhappy in the sky I guess…

Ah! Perhaps the allusions is the strand that are

looking for…? We are living for…

live in the era of the imagined howling

… with pains in the mind

fear of muerte-ninfas (well dressed)

teachers serving children a blotted

light; perfect pitch, more questions than

answer; disrupting the harmonic balance!…

(perhaps under all this is love).

#728 6/2005

what confessional poetry?

((Y por qué escribe?)) (01/03/2007))

what confessional poetry? It is when he set himself for the great fall, when get dare to all. Sylvia Plath, Anne Saxton, pervert Allen Ginsberg; Robert Lowell, I have several books, was a little quiet in his verses to the poets that I have just mentioned. Often used the ‘I’ or ‘You’ in the confessional poetry. Finding most of this poetry is unflattering, and this is why I don’t do much of it; It was not meant to be. It is usually personal and autobiographical. The poet is generally speaking to you directly, the reader.

when Leo to Plath, his confessional style seems more fantasy than fiction, but whatever it is, it is his soul speaking; forget the themes and the theme in confessional poetry, explores some details, processes beyond emotions, events, the author really explore and process your life ahead of you.

has been raised the question, “why write you?” and a trade fair must be the answer perhaps more than one psychologist, a poet, for sometimes one needs to be brutally honest. It seems to me that you clear the brain and make a guilt more opaque. Often times more you write something, the less powerful is. A way of processing the pain.

poetry reading

in reading poetry, first read little by little, give your attention, as it does when you eat dinner, then slowly read it a second time, with a mind open, third, read it again, this time, as it would be to read prose, now jump to you.

many poems are complex and perhaps ambiguous, if they are too much for you, trash them (unless you want to suffer through them, then are pidiendor for pain and you can get it).

know the poet who is reading, its history will help you understand why is writing like him, his mind will perhaps come more clear to yours.

to get rid of your preconceived ideas (bias and so on) read-enjoy the experience. If you like poetry and not the poet, because of your prejudice, you have a problem.

understanding of the poets

– to understand any poetry or poets, one must have experienced what the poet ha-identicas experiences; or should be formed as poet-, the exceptions are of the old school of poetry and one shoe fits all (endeavors, understand the theme, plot, and vision of poetry becomes much easier); of the contemporary scene, you must have the same size of the shoe of the poet to understand where the poet you are guiding, and in poetry poet must have a destination to the reader – so you don’t (and should be).

– the poet perhaps survives because he or she is unconscious (or not connected) to the world and all its compulsions (suicide is often on the other side of this coin, if not drugs and alcohol).

-poetry has accomplished something if it makes to one reflect about it…; stretching this a bit more, (it appears) comes a day (not so far in the future), when poets do not even need to know anything about literature (but not today); However, poetry is (or should be) considered to be the highest form of literature.

-the most poets write about love and death-that perhaps are the two main ingredients (or themes) to the poetry; some write about those problems social, that makes poetry bad; but it is “Beauty” that shines above all, and which is often, too often looked rather than personal interest, or a combination of the confused delirious negative thoughts put in writing by a poet under the influence of some kind of chemical. You can get a high beauty that surrounds them.

latest words: as poets not must forget, that influence in them people, young in particular and duty an obligation (not duty), a good example by our form of live and write.


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