Robert Harrick As a Cavalier Poet


‘Delight in disorder’ is an exquisite poem of the English literature by the poet Roberto Cavalier Herrick (1591-1674). The poem draws the heart of every reader for its lyrical quality and end rhyme harmonious. In the poem the poet expresses his feelings of extreme happiness, which derives the disorderly dress of a woman.

now discuss the ‘Cavalier poet’. Really the world ‘ Cavalier’ Latin version of Charles ‘Carolus’ comes from. ” The reign of Charles (1625-1649) was the time of ‘English Civil war’. Fighting between supporters of the name King ‘Gentlemen’ and supporters of the Parliament known as the “Round head”. However, a group of lyric poets than pottery associated with the ‘Knights’ are called the Cavalier poets, for example, Robert Herrick, Richard Lovelace, Thomas Carew, and sir Johan Suckling. These poets also are called ‘Sons of Ben’ as they were admirers and followers of Ben Jonson. Usually wrote short lyrical poems generally in the lighter vein, gay, trivial, witty and often licentious. The main object of his poems was the ‘woman and beauty’.

Robert Herrick was, indeed, a Cavalier poet. Because his poetry especially ‘delight in disorder’ has all the characteristics of the writings of the Cavalier poet. If we look at the poem, we must get the evidence in favor.

the poem ‘Delight in disorder’ is particularly short in length and very witty as well as licentious in the subject. It is the description of a disorderly dressed Lady. The name of the Lady is probably ‘Julia’.

very beginning of the poem, we see that the poet traces to a disorder in the grass which is carelessly thrown over the shoulders. He says the poet;

“a lawn on the shoulders of thrown
a good distraction;”

grass must be secured with the shoulders. But lady you are free to your neck. This is the source of joy for the poet.

then, the poet found another disorder in the stomacher. As the poet described:
“a bug that lace here and there
Enthralls the Crimson stomacher.”

Thirdly, the poet obtained a more disorder in his bracelet which is used carelessly in the hand of the Lady. As the poet narrates:
“a fist negligent and thereby;

tape to flow confusedly”.

Fourth poet note a disorder in Lady petticoat. In the discourse of the poet:
“a winning wave, deserve notice,
in the tempestuous petticoat;”

the petticoat must bind well with the body, but giving up the skirt of the Lady in the air. The poet thinks it’s a lovely meter.

Finally, the poet discovers a disorder in your very small. As the poet;

“a very small mistake in whose tie
I see a wild civility:” usually, disorder

makes a disgusted man, but in the case of poet makes pleased as he says;

‘do more bewitch’ me ‘ when
art is too precise in every part.

in conclusion to say that Robert Herrick, poet arrogant, very successfully breaks the traditional concept that enjoyment can only be found in harmony through the poem “delight in disorder” also has a musical quality and end rhyme melodious. So ale considering these things, it can be considered the best example of his poetic intelligence.


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