The Great Tamil Poet – Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiar


‘Bharathiyar’ is the name that reminded the Indians of nationalism, patriotism and Tamil prose and poetry. Born in 1882 he was conferred the title of ‘Bharati’ for his poetic talents at an early age. Bharati emerged as a poet prolific, earning the name of ‘Mahakavi’, which means a great poet. He died at the age of 39, but in its short life it had immeasurable contribution to your country and language.

life of a Patriot

lived in the tumultuous years of struggle for the freedom of our country. I had known to his contemporaries who influenced his political thinking as Mahatma Gandhi, Tilak, sister Nivedita, Aurobindo Gosh, VVS Iyer and Lajpat Roy. The Tamil poet and writer life is an example of maintaining the spirit of freedom, equality, justice and love despite poverty and against the oppressive British rule. Assistant editor of ‘Swadesamithran’ was a Tamil daily from 1904 to 1907. Launch Indio weekly Tamil which was the editor and edited a newspaper ‘Bala Bharatam’ in English. He had a turbulent life with living in exile, arrest, being imprisoned in the midst of extreme poverty. He continued as editor of Swadesamithran a year before his death in 1921. Social reformer

their noble dreams about our society and the country came out brightly in their songs and prose. He had the ability to use his literary skills to the best turn on the patriotic sentiment of the masses and on the ills of society that all their problems.

Patriot proudly proclaims

that there is no other country in the world can match the greatness of the India that has the Himalyan mountains, the sacred River Ganges and the Upanishads in their song “Mannum Imaya malai’ and ‘paarukkule nalla naadu’.” It is equally proud of the richness and sweetness of the language of the Tamil ‘yamarindha mozhiugalile’ lines. Proclaimed with equal pride the wealth and the uniqueness of the language Tamil.

advocates for freedom and society has

fearless wrote about freedom for individuals as well as Nations being influenced by ‘Vande Mataram’ patriotic song of Bankim Chandra. These meetings have injected courage in his writing. Considering this to be a divine inspiration went on to write revolutionary compositions which is filled with national unity and the spirit of freedom that his songs brought a spiritual dimension to the freedom of movement. ‘Swathesa Geethangal’ and ‘Janma Bhoomi’ dedicated to sister Nivedita are examples of his patriotic songs and serve the most disadvantaged and the emancipation of women. They were distributed to the people during the liberation movement of the India. Your dream of a free India and a society which is educated, devoid of its social ills and live in harmony. We can see that many of their dreams are coming true today. His writings when he was in exile in Puduchery were so powerful that the British was even imprisoned.

his songs for children ‘Paappa Paattu’ and ‘Pudhiya Aathichoodi’ evoked a sense of equality, love towards all living beings, society has and courage etc. His simple words communicate the ethical and moral principles to young minds without effort. His style was simple with a technique of weaving the spoken language and rhythm in poetry and beautiful prose.

the literary genius Bharati has made an indelible mark in the minds of millions of the Tamil people through his writing, which includes novels, short stories, essays and poetry.

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